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Customers pay our salaries at the end of each month and are critical to the survival of our businesses and the sustenance of our livelihoods. In spite of the obvious important role that our customers play in our lives, we still find that organizations and employees often pay a mere lip service to keeping customers delighted. Organizations who really appreciate the value of happy customers are able to create a brand and reputation

that ensures that they gain long-term loyalty, referrals, repeat business and a pipeline of opportunities for the future. At the heart of creating delighted customers is the concept of managing customer experience. By paying attention to the expectations that customers have and the underlying behaviours that create a customer service culture, organizations can create the right experience for their clients across all stages of the product/service life-cycle. In other words, fantastic customer service is beyond plastic smiles and lip service, it is about proactively and consistently managing your customers’ experience.

At Be Better Consulting our Customer Experience Management Workshop provides business owners and their people a differentiated way of winning their customers by moving them from where they are to where they should be:

Where you may be

Where you should be

The organization does not deliver on its service


The organization has a robust infrastructure and

processes that  deliver  on  their  promises  and more.

Customer - facing     employees        are        not

knowledgeable    about    your    products    and services.

Sales    and    Customer    service    personnel

understand their products and services, regulations  and  legislation  and  can  position them properly with clients and prospects.

The physical environment, customer interfaces

and  other  touch  points  do  not  inspire  your customers.

All client interfaces: office buildings, websites,

payment platforms, call centers and even the physical appearance of customer-facing employees endears customers to your brand.

Customer-facing  employees  do  not  connect

with customers and their needs in a proactive way.

Customers  are  treated  in  an  atmosphere  of

empathy. Employees, listen, learn and respond proactively to the spoken and unspoken needs of customers.


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