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Enhancing Writing Skills in the Workplace

Communication skills are by far the most sought after skills in the workplace today. There is an absolute dearth of skills especially in the area of business writing. If you want to get a typical fresh graduate  teary  eyed  and  skipping  heart  beats throw them a writing challenge within their first week at work. It is an unfortunate reality due to the challenges that our educational system has and a growing disinterest from the younger generation of workers.  Our line managers who should naturally take up the responsibility for improving writing skills through the writing challenges they give and the mentoring that should   ensue   often   are   unable   to   provide direction in this area because they too lack the skills or at least lack the techniques for teaching those  skills.  From  writing  memos,  letters  and reports to meeting minutes, letters, proposals and even newsletters and presentations, the skills for effective writing can be learned.

At Be Better Consulting, our Writing Skills workshop is designed to equip employees with techniques, tools and practices to enhance their writing skills.

Where you may be

Where you Should Be

The general quality of writing skills across the

organization is low and there is no clear direction on what the writing culture or style of the organization is

There is a clear writing style guide, and writing

skills  are  very  good  and  represent  a  major competitive advantage for the organization.

There  is  a  significant  amount  of  time  spent

editing  and  correcting  documents  for  errors that should typically be avoided.

There is a culture of writing, and very little time

is spent editing documents, ensuring a higher turn around for proposals, bids and presentations.

The organization’s brand and reputation is at

risk  because  of  the  poor  writing  skills  of  a majority of its employees.

Organizational   brand    is    enhanced   by    the

writing skills of its employees who stand out in the industry as professionals.

The  organization  is  unable  to  communicate

effectively internally and externally – to create the right influence with internal and external stakeholders

Written communication is a powerful source of

influence for the organization. Regulators, customers and even employees are galvanized by its written communication



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