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If there is any skill that truly has the potential for transforming your  organization,  it  is  the  ability  of  your employees  to identify  and   develop   ideas   and   solutions   to   everyday business problems and challenges, and implement these solutions with the right discipline and focus – it is the skills for creativity and innovation, and for creative problem solving. Organizations that do not have a culture of creativity typically have the following symptoms: Employees are afraid of taking risks and are afraid of the consequences of inappropriate decisions, and therefore actually DO NOTHING, When problems arise they are typically delegated upwards with little or   no   concrete   suggestions   from   ordinary   employees;

Employees do not make contributions and suggestions because of the work environment that seems to stifle creativity; and the organizations seems reactive, rather than proactive in responding to issues in the market place and with the competition.

At Be Better Consulting, our Creativity and Innovation Workshop is designed to equip workplace professionals with the skills to enhance their creativity and innovation.


Where you may be

Where you Should Be

Creativity and Innovation are the exclusive preserve of a handful of “smart” people, putting immense  pressure  on  the  business owners or senior staff

Creativity is part of the organizational DNA – everyone is challenged to be creative, everyone applies the skills for creativity, and there is less pressure on the business owner for solving problems.

Leaders  stifle  creativity  by  not  creating  the

opportunity for employees to clarify challenges and think effectively. The fear of change kills the organization. There is culture of “robotism”

– templates or NOTHING

The   culture   of   the   organization   supports

creativity – employees ask questions, seek others’ perspectives, there is collaboration, and a desire to get better. Clients are impacted by the depth that your employees bring to transactions.

The organization is left in its comfort zone, and

the complacency begins to translate to loss of market share and competitive position

The  organization  is  at  the  cutting  edge  –  a

product leader and pace-setter in its industry. The only real competition is itself!

Attempts  at  innovation  are  met  with  failures

that cause the organization to recoil and ignore opportunities for innovation based on their previous failures.

Senior staff appreciate the reality that failure is an integral part of creativity. They apply disciplined innovation  practices  that  allow  them  to  learn from their mistakes and forge ahead.


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