Winning Hearts and Pockets

Consultative Selling Techniques for Every Business


Selling is at the heart of every business. You only survive as a business when you are able to sell your products and services to your target market on a sustainable basis. At the heart of effective selling is winning the hearts of your clients and then

translating this victory into their pockets and yours. This requires sales professionals and business owners responsible for selling to be consultative – focused on understanding the needs of clients and responding to those needs in a proactive manner. Modern selling is not about working the game of numbers and cold-calling, it is about a deliberate focus on understanding the target clients, creating a sales process for your product/service, planning your territory, calls and key accounts, as well as managing your sales forecasts.

At Learning Impact our Sales Academy Workshops cover a number of paradigm shifting areas that will equip your sales professionals and other employees involved in selling with the right skills to win the hearts and pockets of your clients and prospects.




Where you may be

Where you should be

Selling  is  done  whimsically  without  proper

planning,        thinking        and          disciplined implementation.

A disciplined and methodical sales organization

where attention is placed on planning territories, calls and managing opportunities

Sales professionals do not use a disciplined and consultative process. Sales results are sometimes inconsistent and unpredictable.

The sales team focus not just on results but on the core competencies as well as on-going activities and processes required to create a pipeline of opportunities. Results are more consistent and predictable.

Sales  managers  are  ineffective  in  coaching

and mentoring their team members. A lot of focus is on the “numbers” – taking a short-term rather than long-term view.

Sales   professionals   are   inspired   by   their

managers  to  do  more.  They  tap  into  their intrinsic  motivation  and  are  propelled  by effective leaders to achieve even more.

Customers  at  best  respond  to  high-pressure

selling and blackmail from sales representatives, rather than responding to their integrity and competence.

Customers   are   influenced   by   your   sales

professionals who they view as partners/consultants/advisers. This way your organization is on a first-call basis with all your customers.


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